When joining our sisterhood it's more than just a social experience, as a member of Theta Phi Alpha we strive to care for and make sure that those who are less fortunate than us get the care they need. Theta Phi works to rid the plight of homelessness. We work with our national philathorpy Glenmary Home Missioners, our local philanthropy The Welcome House of Northern Kentucky and the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation.


    In fall 2015, we hosted the 1st annual Camp Friendship. Organizations from NKU made teams, and joined our sisters at the event. At the event there were games such as: water relay. chubby bunny, best chant, and 3 legged race. There was also a cookout, smores, music, and awards. All the money we made was sent to the actual Camp Friendship. Camp Friendship is a camp put on by our philanthopy, Glenmary Home Missioners. The camp is for homeless or underprivlieged children, and everything they get at the camp they get to bring back with them. We were so pleased to make a difference in the childrens lives. In the fall of 2016, we hosted the 2nd annual newly-named Camp Theta Phi with even more games, smores, and awards for teams and guests alike to help raise money for Glenmary.


    camp theta phi relay race 2

     (Above: teams wheelbarrowing during the relay race) 


    suzi and autumn camp theta phi  

    (Above: Our 2016 Head of Camp Theta Phi Suzi Poat (left) with our sister Autumn)



    camp theta phi dg team with jenna 2 

    (Above: Delta Gamma's team with Camp Counselor Jenna!)

  • camp theta phi theta chi team 2


    (Above: One of Theta Chi's teams with Camp Counselor Bri!)

  • camp theta phi winners   

    (Above: Suzi Poat with all the winning teams!)